USA, not rated, 56 minutes

Minister Sara Herwig

Thursday, November 11 | 7:30 PM

In September 2002 Sara Herwig, a male-to-female transsexual, was accepted as a candidate to become an ordained minister in the Presbyterian Church. She is now on a path to becoming a minister with a church of her own, but her openness about her personal history has made the road to completion difficult. Sara's sexual transition goes against many members' understanding of Biblical guidance and has become a divisive issue in the church.

To complicate matters, Sara recently married Jenn, a biological female, The Presbyterian Church asserts that anyone who is in a same-sex relationship is not eligible to be ordained. The Church's conservative groups see Sara as a gay man, yet they are unable to acknowledge her eligibility as a candidate for ordination because she is in a same-sex relationship—as a woman.

The complex and contradictory nature of this issue is evident as we see a major religious institution caught between established policy and social conservative groups on the one hand, and the need for progressive social changes in the church on the other. The acceptance and ordination of LGBT clergy as a basic justice issue, is fiercely played out in the Christian battleground for LGBT equality. The film explores these complex issues present in organized Christian churches and promises to empower those affected and motivate those who may be in positions of power to make changes. As for Sara, she actively seeks not only to participate in the ministry as an openly transgendered person, but as an activist she also seeks to transform a world—spiritual and otherwise—that operates by conventional notions of sex and gender.

SPEAKERS: Director Alice Bouvrie, the film's subject Sara Herwig and her wife Jenn DuHamel, and Jean Southard, the minister who ordained Sara


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