Monday, April 11 | 7:30 PM


Czech Republic, no rating, 105 minutes

In Czech with English subtitles


Directed by Jan Hrebejck (Beauty in Trouble BWF07, Divided We Fall BWF03)

Winner of the Prize of the Ecumenical Jury at the Berlin International Film Festival




Renowned psychiatrist Pavel Josek is singled out to receive a "Memory of the Nation" medal for his life’s work and his role as a dissident. His son-in-law, Ludek, who is employed on a documentary crew filming Pavel, resents that his own family, rooted in Czechoslovakia’s Communist past, ended up on the wrong side of history. In the course of filming, Ludek discovers that his reputedly morally irreproachable father-in-law once collaborated with state security agencies, informing on his wife's former lover, ultimately being responsible for his forced emigration. The film considers the ways in which the past never stops informing the present, especially in societies where secrets are a way of life and professional or personal success could depend upon a single well-placed piece of information.


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Part of the Peace Corps 50th Anniversary Celebration



PARPCV 50th Anniversary Gatehouse Media Belmont Cultural Council

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