Animation Workshop (all ages)

with animated films by Karen Aqua & Joel Frenzer, and a Q&A about animation for kids by Frenzer

 Kakania by Karen Aqua

Saturday, November 21 | 2:00 PM

Boston-area animator Joel Frenzer will talk about what's involved in becoming an animator while showing both his own films and those of his friend, renowned animator Karen Aqua.

Frenzer is currently a full time animation instructor at the School of the Museum of Fine Arts, but has been involved as an animator and voice over for the Cartoon Network when he was with Olive Jar Animation Studio and The Animation Cowboys. His films Paper Bears, about a little girl and her cat who hide in their fort from imaginary bears, and Molly Bannaky: A History of Black and White, a two-part history of a white girl who marries a black slave between the Colonial Period and the Civil War that was created for 5th and 6th grade students at a Cambridge elementary school.

Aqua, whose animation appears regularly on Sesame Street, has been making award-winning animated films since her graduation from Rhode Island School of Design. Scored by composer Ken Field, her films will include: Kakania, which contrasts the tension and chaos of modern urban life with the ritualized order of tribal societies; Nine Lives, about a fortune teller’s cards that lead the viewer on a journey through time and collective memory; and Yours For the Taking, about a three-legged cup embarks on a journey, filling itself with images and impressions of its surroundings. Two films that were created by children under Aqua's directionw will also be shown: Roswell: Not Just Aliens!,a film that celebrates the nature and culture of Roswell, New Mexico created by 5th and 3rd grade students at El Capitan and Military Heights Elementary Schools in Roswell, and In the Shadows of Monadnock, a film about the natural and cultural history of New Hampshire's Mt. Monadnock made by the 7th grade students at Mountain Shadows School, Dublin, NH.

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"Nine Lives," "Kakania," "Yours for the Taking."