Belmont World Film’s 19th
Annual Family Festival

January 14-23, 2022

Belmont World Film’s Family Festival is a must-attend event for families with children ages 3-12, offering some of the world’s leading films, as well as filmmaking workshops that will enrich your whole family’s lives. Since many films are based on international children’s books and feature subtitles, they help children develop a love of books and reading, not to mention helping to increase reading fluency.

This year’s festival features 15 exciting film programs and 4 workshops. Some films even feature Q&As with filmmakers from around the world on Zoom!

All but one film and all workshops will be available virtually.

Laura’s Star is the only film that is only available in person, and the audience will be limited to 50 people at the brand new Majestic 7 Cinema in Watertown, which features both well-spaced and super comfortable seats. We are proud to be hosting the US premiere of this magical and heartwarming film, based on a beloved German children’s book, but the only way we are allowed to show it is in movie theater.

We will require proof of vaccination for adults and children age 12 and over or a negative Covid test result within 48 hours prior to the screening. Masks and social distancing will also be required at the screening.

We chose the still from Laura’s Star as the cover for our brochure this year because it so perfectly captures what it means to be a child. In the film Laura and her star fly all over Berlin; it’s a known fact that only children dream they can fly!

This year’s festival offers the ultimate in pricing flexibility! There are six different purchasing options:

    • Individual online films: $10 for short film programs, $14 for feature length films
    • Individual in-person film: $10/ticket
    • Individual workshops: $20
    • Three pass options: $45, $60 and $100

2022 Family Festival Sponsors

Thanks to the following organizations for their generous grants:





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