21st Annual International Film Series

Complicated Identities

March 27 – May 15, 2023

Mondays at 7:30 pm

March 27 – April 17| Apple Cinemas, Cambridge
April 24 – May 15    | Majestic 7, Watertown

We are excited to show all films in person at two fantastic theaters: the Apple Cinemas in Cambridge from March 27-April 17, and the Majestic 7 in Watertown, with its gargantuan screens that allow viewers to have a fully immersive movie experience, from April 24-May 15. Four films are also available for screening online; unfortunately, due to restrictions by the distributors, we are not able to show all of them online.The Q&As with filmmakers or discussions with expert speakers take place in person immediately following each screening.

The characters in this year’s films are some of the most complex we’ve ever assembled. Played by a veritable who’s who of international stars—Catherine Deneuve, Cecile de France, Daniel Auteuil, Gilles Lelouche, and Marina Fois (who has previously starred in two Belmont World Film opening night films), to name a few—they paint a portrait of our humanity, furthering understanding and creating the possibility of a more equitable society: a mysterious man living a double life; identical twin brothers who couldn’t be more different from one another; real-life teens from a working class neighborhood in a Northern French town cast in a fictional film about teens in a working class neighborhood; a man who assumes another man’s livelihood and identity, a Faustian bargain will change everyone’s fates; a bourgeois pro-Pinochet housewife in Chile during the Pinochet regime, who secretly cares for a wounded revolutionary; a French couple trying to repopulate a mostly abandoned village in Galicia, Spain; and a failed actor who learns to be his true self when faced with a terminal cancer diagnosis.

While we do not require masks or proof of vaccination, they are recommended.

“Real movies, world and people history…very deep and moving stories.” ~Ilona N.

2023 International Film Series Sponsors

Belmont World Film’s 21st International Film Series is supported
by generous grants from the Mass Cultural Council, a state agency.